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Faster, Higher, Farther

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So the comparison drops dead.There were separate tests and test cycles to simulate rural, urban and highway driving, but each of these cycles always had the same speed and distance driven.
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Faster, Higher, Farther - How One of the World`s Largest

To put things into perspective, he has actually written a short history of the Volkswagen group.The surprisingly detailed history of the VW brand and the close families behind it was well worth the time I invested to read these parts as I moved along gathering more information about the crime and cover up and come to Jesus ending. Consumers were outraged, investors panicked, the company embarrassed and facing bankruptcy.In other words, until the system became a commercial, off-the-shelf system available for purchase from an irrefutably reputable company, all of my years of work and accomplishments would disappear if I left (or was fired) by EPA. Slow Burn They even say near the end that "It is not yet clear what the ultimate consequences for Volkswagen will be.A Volkswagen CEO has a duty to the employees, shareholders, and corporate legacy for sure. Der kleine Mann And Fiat invented common-rail, a cheap but effective way to deliver Diesel to each cylinder.