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The Phantom Portrait

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This is definitely a must-read for any Phantom fan!The first part is written f First I have to say, I never really was interested in the Phantom of the Opera.The Persian was a bit intriguing as well.
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Phantom by Susan Kay - Goodreads

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This is where I frowned so hard I thought my eyes might disappear into tiny slits. If you were captivated by any version of The Phantom of the Opera and loved the characters - especially Erik - you need to read this book. Ich lass mich von den Geschicken tragen For the 2019 re-opening, the new tracks feature Price once again, original excerpts as well as previously unused material from his 1990 recording, spoken English, with French actor Bernarde Alane doing the parts in French. Housesitter The Persian is intriguing, and I wish Leroux had given us more backstory about how he knew Erik.There is the gothic doomed love triangle, as with other works like Romeo and Juliet, in which the handsome, young Viscount Raoul vies for the love of Christine Daae with the dreadful Opera Ghost (if you prefer: The Angel of Music or The Phantom of the Opera).