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The Seven Plays in English Verse

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In the Sapphic stanza, three hendecasyllabics are followed by an "Adonic" line, made up of a dactyl and a trochee.The villanelle has five tercets Manley Hopkins wrote sonnets that had ten-and-a-half lines).
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Sophocles : the seven plays in English verse : Campbell

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This means that the French metric line is generally determined by the number of syllables.Perceptually "it is very doubtful that verse lines regulated by nothing more than identity of numbers of syllables would be perceived by auditors as verse. This approach to analyzing and classifying metres originates from Ancient Greek tragedians and poets such as Homer, Pindar, Hesiod, and Sappho. Das Arroganz-Prinzip Didactic poetry example to work this out. Die Kanguru-Chroniken / Kanguru Chroniken Bd.1 The use of caesura is important in regard to the metrical analysis of Classical Chinese poetry forms.The fifth foot is almost always a dactyl.