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The Wild Silence

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348 pages
In this unflinching sequel to The Salt Path, nature provides solace against forebodings of mortality.I really recommend this book for a warm, friendly, and beautiful reading experience that feels like a good cup of tea, which Raynor drinks lots of.So beautifully written that it transports you to being there with them on the farm they take on and their Icelandic Walk.
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Amazon.com: The Wild Silence: The Sunday Times Bestseller

The Wild Silence : Raynor Winn (author) : 9780241401460

However, it is again most beautifully written, descriptive and emotive.She writes about the English fauna and flora in poetic and beautiful English and I really enjoyed that. Together on the wild coastal path, with their feet firmly rooted outdoors, they discover that anything is possible.In The Salt Path we followed Raynor and Moth on their 630 mile walk along the salt path after becoming homeless. Starkes weiches Herz If anyone deserves it, they do. Das Erwachen des Feuerbergs / Caldera Bd.3 So moving, it made me cry.Whereas The Salt Path uplifted me, I found parts of The Wild Silence rather grueling.

Voor haar gemoedsrust en levenslust blijkt ze erg afhankelijk van haar man te zijn, een nogal afwachtende en timide houding, waar haar man juist socialer, spontaner en vrijer is in denken en gedrag.I have been waiting impatiently to read this book after loving The Salt Path. Along the way, Raynor and Moth learn more about the land that envelopes them, find friends both new and old, and, of course, embark on another windswept adventure when the opportunity arises.The farm is offered freely, but requires trust in the offer and the person who makes it. Audiotechnik fur Mediengestalter All the plaudits for the book are not mentioned, just the gratitude that it has touched so many lives.. Salzburg The sequel to the award winning, The Salt Path by Raynor Winn.You really feel the connection that she writes about.