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Future Search is a large-group facilitation technique I use.Then they world and sector of society.
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Once the groups gathered together, the participants tell stories about their past, present and desired future. Alle Schritte bauen systematisch aufeinander auf. Feind der Kosmokraten / Perry Rhodan - Silberband Bd.141 The meeting design comes from theories and principles tested in many cultures for the past 50 years.Contextual Understanding Moves To Everything When the industry talks about context, limiting this to search and apps alone is a mistake. Die Habsburger Reiche 1555-1740 The outcome of Future Search 2020 will help inform the work being done by the Holland-Zeeland Model Communities Leadership Council, which consists of 28 community representatives from government, business and nonprofit organizations, who gather objective information to determine how we as a community need to adapt to the changing world to thrive for the mutual benefit of all citizens and community stakeholders.