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Stars of Fortune

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However, with every attempt at bonding, a dark threat looms seeking to destroy everything that stands in their way of possessing the star.The concept of 6 people coming together to save the world is similar to her other paranormal series but the execution and story development is fantastic.
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Stars Of Fortune by Cynthia Harnett - Goodreads

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Strike three was the relationship between Sasha and Bran. Sasha is the one who holds them together the seer. Percy Jackson - Auf Monsterjagd mit den Geschwistern Kane And this one is located in Capri, Italy. Achtung, Spionage! / Die drei Ausrufezeichen Bd.40 A beautiful and carefree woman who believes in their destiny.The paranormal mystery itself has a lot more to give and the villain Roberts created is powerful enough to make us genuinely afraid for our group of heroes.