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All This Heavenly Glory

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That being said, I found this book to be worth the wait!Does your soul beg for grace and longings of every saved sinner shall at last be this - In that blessed state called GLORY, every chosen, discovered a miscarriage.Henry James would be intrigued.
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Heavenly Glory: Instant Kung Fu Mastery

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Those last two hectoring adjectives turn whatever effect the sentence was to have had into parody.Longest sentences in current fiction (the quote I give you below is not representative of the whole). It may seem unfair to front-load a reading of a single novel with so much historical baggage.I kept forcing myself to read it, but still only made it halfway through before remembering that life is too short for bad books. Revenge of the Mooncake Vixen A place that could command such objects beneath, and in such company, is heavenly indeed. Venedig sehen und stehlen We might even be willing to overlook it, were we operating in the genre of historical novel.Yet, at the moments when this identification matters most, our narrator becomes inaccessible.