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The Foul Desecrator, Gaping Maw of Hell is a Uber variant of Ghom, only encountered during the Infernal Machine event.Zudem gibt sie einen Aufschluss darauf, wie detailliert einzelne Ornamente und Muster ausgearbeitet wurden.
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Ghom-Seide Teppich. Traumhafte Seidenteppiche aus dem

He has four mouths: one (largest) on his torso, two that act as a pair of spaulders and, apparently, one more under his helmet on his head. If Ghom is not killed quickly, he can fill the entire room with his gas clouds, but with very careful positioning, one can make them despawn faster than they are filling the free room space.Dann schreib einen Kommentar zu diesem Boss-Guide! Das volle Leben oder Frieden in Aquamarin That reeking demon must have spoiled all of the food. Sondereinheit Themis: Hinter Gittern In-game model"Lord of Gluttony" is a title Ghom lives up to.Ghom has a total of four attacks: On Torment difficulty, Ghom has a hard enrage timer of 4 minutes.