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Weapons of Math Destruction

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Telling them to have values and trash their contracts is obviously not gonna fly!In theory, this should lead to greater fairness: everyone is judged according to the same rules, and bias is eliminated.Together with Amazon, Google and Apple, our economy and society have become controlled by monopolies to an unparalleled degree, monopolies that monitor our every move.
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Weapons of Math Destruction - DataCamp

Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases

Anyone interested in public policy, management theories, or scoring systems should read this. Since it is very unlikely that an exceptional teacher will become a very poor teacher from one year to the next, then any assessment that produces such a result ought to be suspect. Das Erbe der Lady Godiva The advantage of the mathematical model is that it is in principle easier to audit it (unless it is a neural net) and to get it to operate consistently in the way its designer intended. Die letzte Brezn / Franziska Hausmann Bd.1 I know officers have to go deal with the more life-threatening stuff, and I am grateful to them.

They use tons of data. An unusually lucid and readable look at the daunting algorithms that govern so many aspects of our lives. Fantastische Mythologie Chances are, the person clicking for new Jaguars is richer than the one checking out a 2003 Taurus on Carfax. Bitcoin Billionaires We will explore harmful examples that effect people at critical life moments, going to college, borrowing money, getting sentenced to prison, finding and holding a job.

Otherwise we will all be its clueless victims. The police have yet to develop an algorithm that forecasts where white collar crime takes place, although if they did Wall Street would surely light up red. How to be a girl A 2012 survey on credit card debt in low- and middle-income families made this point all too clear. Zucker Also, it is clearly written.