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The Innocent

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The story is like a puzzle but every piece is placed at a location where you can start thinking of next possible match.I still love Will Robie on the second listen.Last night we watched Deep End, a 1970 movie starring Jane Asher which explored this theme well.
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I would love to read more books about Will Robie, and hopefully Julie will show up as a cameo.I am also awed by the perfect sync of the chapters. And I want to warn you right up front because I was too far in to get out at that point.Leo gets embroiled in romance and love, yadda yadda yadda, etc. Mindfuck Love Then with consummate skill, McEwan brought credible closure to an incredible plot. Hikikomori I started to become suspicious of one character, and right to be.I especially like the character Will Robie.

I started to become suspicious of one character, and right to be.Keeping this in mind, I would consider this book less as a (historical) spy novel and more as a book revolving around the loss of the subjective innocence, the human psyche itself, obsession in general and even a little bit the effects of war on the mindset of those who might have only played a passive part in it. As his two secret worlds come together, events develop into a gruesome nightmare, building to a searing, unforgettable scene of surrealist intensity in which Leonard and his lover try to conceal evidence of a murder.Will Robie, is a stone cold hit man who never questions orders and always nails his target. Bildermaus - Der kleine Delfin auf Schatzsuche The Camel Club was a stroke of brilliance, but for lightning to strike twice? Ein Sommer in Irland And then, suddenly, wham!What ensues is one of the most filmic and vivid descriptions of a descent into nightmare in all of English literature -- eighty pages of wall-to-wall gore, horror and fatigue-induced bad decisions and betrayals, all the way to the surprise ending.