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Wicked Bad Boy

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343 pages
These two are extremely hot and steamy!Roxy Punisher aka Amanda Baker is an MMA fighter that Johnny is a huge fan of.But Jonathan is man who is evolking power, and wealth.
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Wicked Bad Boy: Amazon.de: Clarkson, Holly: Bucher

Wicked Bad Boys by Bella Love-Wins - Goodreads

In comes Rebecca, part of his legal team. This collection is hotter that I could have imagined. Handbuch Literarische Rhetorik Amanda and Johnny get together right off the bat, and I am hooked, page turning not wanting to leave the book alone. Das Alzheimer-Stopp-Programm I love the way Bella writes her bad boys.

This book is not only 1 complete series but 3. Sie hatte mir soeben meinen Lieblings-Standard-Abfuhrspruch geklaut. Das Ratsel im Hoppenlau I was given an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review on this book. Ein Mord kommt selten allein - drei Romane von Christiane Heggan Das durfte doch nicht wahr sein.