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The Three Secret Cities

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337 pages
They kinda clump in groups of two or three, but it does allow for fast action in multiple locations so it works.They soon finding themselves in a dungeon where Iolanthe, her hair shaven and face cut and bruised, is being tortured.EXPLOSIVELYWith the end of all things rapidly approaching, Jack must find the Three Secret Cities, three incredible lost cities of legend.
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The Three Secret Cities eBook by Matthew Reilly

An ancient prophecy tells that unless a set of rituals involving three ancient weapons in three mythical places are completed, the world will come to a horrible end.In saying that, despite the ridiculousness (eg. Thoroughly historically researched, never boring and impossible to put down. The Embodied Teen However, the trio spot Orlando, Mendoza, Malik and an unknown young woman departing, and head for where the group emerged. Huter der funf Leben As usual, the cast of characters was substantial, but even with all of their sub-plots in play, Jack still remained the core focus as he tried to save the world from oblivion.