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Coffin Road

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She does not yet know his secret.In Britain, for instance, Neolithic earthen avenues called cursuses link burial mounds: these features can run for considerable distances, even miles, and are largely straight, or straight in segments, connecting funerary sites.Overall, it was a great read.
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Coffin Road - Todliches Vergessen, Kapitel 251 von Peter

Coffin Road by Peter May - Goodreads

Full of suspense and plenty of surprises that make this book an excellent read.A boat trip to one of the Flannan Isles, Eilean Mor, leads to a discovery that explains the dread, and has him wondering if he is a murderer. May handles her grief for her father well, letting us see how it has affected her without wallowing mawkishly in it. Elementa I loved the previous standalone, Runaway and when I saw this one was coming out, knew I had to read it. Traume der Dunkelheit / Dark Carpathians Bd.21 There is little by way of information, and each new thing that comes to light can be questioned.