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The Sound and the Fury

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I do it by the strength of the memories left by the book.But what is the point of endless, vague, flowery dialogue without background?Retrieved October 8, 2019.
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I am not one of those readers. He would rather die than be without his sister, who - despite some pretty twisted elements of their relationship - he genuinely loves and who genuinely loves him back.If you have the patience to finish it, and the tools to decipher it, you become one of the select few, the literati elite. Raus aus Schema F This story is one concerned with the long slow death of lineage, the inexorable tugging and tearing of ideologies and timelines on a collection of souls that have been slung together in a collusion of familial blood and social connections. Nights In Rodanthe The Sound and the Fury is set in Jefferson, Mississippi, in the first third of the 20th century.The visiting minister preaches about redemption, and Dilsey, thinking of the Compsons and the events of the morning, begins to cry.