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Team Lead mistakes and a Team Lead’s rant

2020.12.04 05:09 ExpoPlease Team Lead mistakes and a Team Lead’s rant

Since it’s just us here, who else felt taking the position was a mistake or anyone taking it was making a mistake? My cafe loves favorites and I feel more work is shoved onto me than other production team leads. I feel as a closer that our morning leads don’t understand they too should share in the responsibility of making sure midwork is done. I’ve come in at 4pm (we close at 7pm) and have found that during a slow lunch no midwork has been done, our eggcooker is filthy, and breakfast utensils are still left dirty on the line, and second line still hasn’t been set up. Our dinner rush is at 5pm and they usually like leaving me with one other person until then and it’s always new people that I’m stuck with (three of us working line total, four if I’m lucky) so that’s fun. I’m also the one lead that learned to do multiple areas on their own and has closed line, dish, dining room, and register. I help out everywhere if my area isn’t busy with orders so that service is dandy. And sometimes, we get people that leave dining room a mess or there’s too much that needs to be stocked out and stocked up. I try to help as much as I can or if I can’t, I’m also making sure others stay on task and help out each other too. So anyway, I can help out elsewhere and still get our midwork stuff done, clean the line, and get second line squared away way before 4pm depending on the pace of things. Sometimes it gets busy and then eases into steady and not everything gets done, we are human. However, other leads on line (there’s four of us and only two do this) will not do anything outside of their station and will let work pile up until I get in. If I’m there at 11am or the other guy is, stuff gets done. I came in for my 2pm the other day, it was a slow lunch but egg cooker and its area was filthy, trashcans full, no midwork done, second lines weren’t set up, no lids on the stuff over there, no boxes folded, and I ended up being left with a trainee on her third day of work. It was just us two. Well upon making sure she was smooth and steady orders coming in- I was on sandwich, barista, and QC- all of those tasks were barely getting done. 5pm rolls around. We get two people for sandwich but it’s now dinner rush and lasts until 6pm but now we also are doing preclose stuff on top of that since we close at 7pm. Well I was off at 7pm but stayed to help clean a little and forget to check the breakfast fridge. One of those team leads from previously mentioned confronts today me and mentions that it wasn’t done and that the closers didn’t set up the egg cooker and the breakfast pans correctly. Then I’m told that as a lead it’s my responsibility to ensure that these things get done... idk when midwork and cleaning became only my responsibility and why I would be the only lead out of the three of us there that day that should ensure it done along with everything else. I should have checked but I’m human and I can forget... which I did. To make matters better, after I thought all closers had been doing a better job at checking dates, I lightened up on being a helicopter mom and checking behind them. Especially since I haven’t heard any complaints from morning leads and I don’t always close with them and nobody else has mentioned anything. Well, that same lead once again decides to mention how it’s been done poorly the last month (she waited a month to tell me) and she was going to mention it and a list of things at the team lead meeting but it was cancelled. This isn’t even fully detailed sadly... haaaa. I just felt cheated and used. Like I’m the only one they can blame even though nobody else wanted to put forth effort. It’s also kind of funny because those same leads don’t date everything and some stuff has been fifoed poorly which once again builds up. It gets to be a little much when you’re trying to close and label a bunch of stuff that has no labels or are told needs to be relabeled. I make $9.95 an hour and try to help out as much as I can everywhere. Like today for instance. I helped make salads, sandwiches, and pour soups even though I was on barista. I answered the phone and participated in dining room. It was a floating day that I didn’t help on register but no matter where I’m at on the line, I give a hand everywhere so long as I’m caught up and fellow production members are caught up. It’s just habit that I float and it’s not expected of me to always float and help. What made that aforementioned 2-7pm shift more fun was that it was 2 (me and a trainee) production people, a cashier, and a manager with two drivers (either out on delivers or hiding) in the cafe. So it was inevitable that the cashier would need help even though I had steady orders. It just sucks that I could still be blamed when I’m already doing as much as I can. I also hate confrontation and it’d sound bad if I just rebutted with “Well I also need help or XYZ done so that it doesn’t pile up until I get in on later shifts.” It just sounds accusing when maybe we are both to blame. It’s funny because I’m also the one that is sometimes forced to be floating around by the GM. I could be doing a task just like everyone else but if a bunch of orders pop up then I’m the one that should be focused on helping elsewhere or bagging/prepping even though there are other leads and people on the line. I never know if I’m not doing enough or just not the right stuff. I feel the favoritism thing is just an excuse for my part but it definitely feels like favorites are placed more days than others. And none of these guys are actually bad people. They’re all really cool and nice, it’s just one little thing that has me peeved and I wanted off my chest. I appreciate all of them. I wouldn’t ever actually ask or force people to do more than necessary but I just want help sometimes too when I’m constantly busy. One coworker jokes that “She made the mistake of learning everything and they make sure she always does it all.” Some days it feels more true than anything when I hear the GM say things like “Why don’t you have her do XYZ or that or this.” When I’m cleaning or making something or doing whatever needs to be done. Thanks for getting this far. I also don’t think of quitting as I haven’t been there a full year and this is also my second job. My first job I stayed a year even though it was a thousand times shittier but I care about making a resume look nice experience wise before getting another job. I’m gonna stick this one out longer than a year but if after a year and a half things get worse then I’ll slowly move on. It just feels nice getting it off my chest. I really am making this worse than it sounds probably and letting stress get to me. Peace.
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2020.12.04 05:09 Constant-Upstairs-69 When you sort by controversial, it’s just /r/conservative. Porque?

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2020.12.04 05:09 KimiNoNaWa [USA] [H] Paypal [W] Dragon Quest 11 (Switch)

Hey everyone!
Looking to nab this game for the holidays -- saw it sold for $35 here a few days back so looking for a pricepoint around there. Thanks!
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2020.12.04 05:09 pyrlose Should I take this startup internship offer???

I have an unpaid business internship offer at a startup for the spring. I do get a stipend per week plus some equity. I want to get into the startup's industry which is why I'm still really interested in this position.
I know people have really bad views on unpaid internships but would this be a good offer to take?
Thanks guys
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2020.12.04 05:09 Erictrill1117 Please legit check Nike dunk champs.

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2020.12.04 05:09 Slim-JayS MINE stock info

So I’m still digging around on this company, looks like it was an acquisition early this year...maybe explains why there’s a half ass website and difficult to get any answers from this company at this point, holding my small investment for now and watching. If anyone has a link or copy of the investors deck I would love to see something tangible on this company before possibly purchasing some more shares...
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2020.12.04 05:09 Roadking442000 Racy Autumn Kline blows and rides sausage

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2020.12.04 05:09 Everythingis_blue_ Best place to buy sweatsuits?

I just went online aritzia and it won’t ship until MARCH soo can anyone drop their fav place to buy jogger sets?
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2020.12.04 05:09 Fancdew15 Spawning to bulk with jars?

Is it possible to spawn to bulk with jars? I wanted to use a combination of cakes from jars and uncle bens cakes and use 100% coco coir, would that be possible?
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2020.12.04 05:09 JayJunior64 First Rescue Dog

Hey all! I'm adopting my first rescue dog this weekend. 5yo Corgi/Chihuahua mix, little history known, but likely some abuse/neglect. I'm a very experienced dog owner, been around dogs my whole life, but this is the first time I'm adopting an adult dog myself.
Any advice for first-time rescuer that may not be obvious? I wanna make sure I do everything I can to make the little guy's transition here happy and comfy!
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2020.12.04 05:09 honeybadger265 Reposting cause it wasnt showing up, deleted old post. Never had much luck w/ "never buy the last box" adage, but holy crap!!! NFS/NFT

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2020.12.04 05:09 FatBoy_87 Die "Freuden" der Zeltdiscos

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2020.12.04 05:09 SwankyBarbecue ARChon apps stuck on android logo

Every time I launch an app, a new window appears, but the app is stuck on the android logo.
Any way of fixing this?
OS: Manjaro Linux
Browser: Brave
ARChon Version: ARChon 2.1.0 Beta (ARC 41.4410.238.0)
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2020.12.04 05:09 zhangboknight Full-Resolution Correspondence Learning for Image Translation

Abstract: We present the full-resolution correspondence learning for cross-domain images, which aids image translation. We adopt a hierarchical strategy that uses the correspondence from the coarse level to guide the finer levels. In each hierarchy, the correspondence can be efficiently computed via PatchMatch that iteratively leverages the matchings from the neighborhood. Within each PatchMatch iteration, the ConvGRU module is employed to refine the current correspondence considering not only the matchings of larger context but also the historic estimates. The proposed GRU-assisted PatchMatch is fully differentiable and highly efficient. When jointly trained with image translation, full-resolution semantic correspondence can be established in an unsupervised manner, which in turn facilitates the exemplar-based image translation. Experiments on diverse translation tasks show our approach performs considerably better than state-of-the-arts on producing high-resolution images.

Processing img a47da9gsh3361...
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2020.12.04 05:09 Burrito_Thief_03 Damn.

This sux
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2020.12.04 05:09 tcampanella06 Pecan pineapple rum upside cake. (Kind of tastes like peanut butter and pineapple jam cake.

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